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Protospiel Madison

December 12th, 2017

Hey everyone! Last weekend, we attended Protospiel Madison – a gathering of board game designers in Madison, WI. There, we got insightful feedback on “Hail and Well Met!” during several rounds of playtesting with our fellow game designers.

We also got a chance to playtest a TON of games designed by some very interesting and friendly people. Here’s a list of the prototypes we spent some time with, along with links to learn more about them and their designers:

Sabo-tugs: Sabotage the competition to fill your purchase orders before they can. Use your dispatchers to scout cargo ships, your tugboats to bring them in and instant sabotage actions to outsmart your friends!

Trick or Treat: Trick or Treating fun all the way to the Halloween Party! Which of the Trick-or-Treater's will get the best candy of the night?

A Trick in Time: Trick-taking meets time-travel. Shenanigans ensue.

All That Glistens: All That Glistens is a hidden information, deduction and hand management game. Players will take turns burying treasure, using crew member powers or swapping their cards with the hidden treasure.

Avodome: Players take turns hopping around the board, collecting boosters, blocking their opponents and trying to win the game by transferring all of their pieces to the finish area.

Dragon Drop: Discover new lands as you sail your armada through dragon infested territories. Your clan looks to you to master resource management, base building, and combat in this euro-esque styled competition.

ArchRavelry: A game of competitive knitting. The player who knits the most sought-after items wins.

Check out a list of all the games at Protospiel Madison.

Thanks to everyone who gave us great notes on "Hail and Well Met," and those who were brave enough to submit their prototypes to scrutiny. We’ll definitely be making appearances at future Protospiel events and other gatherings. Keep watching this space. We’re hard at work on the next iteration of HAWM, and can’t wait to put it in front of you all!

Hail and Well Met play testing session at Protospiel Madison

Attendees playing games at Protospiel Madison